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  1. Biochar for Cocoa – The Marker Magazine 
  2. Volcani-Ghana Cocoa cooperation Business and Financial Times Online 
  3. A world without Chocolate – Fox News
  4. A world without Chocolate – Daily Mail 
  5. Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Time 


Vacine for the cocoa virus

DNA extracted from infected cacao plants, received from Ghana served as a template for PCR amplification followed by Sanger sequencing of the ~7,000bp genome. Six sets of overlapping primers were designed,

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Our Baby had babies!

Lin was our very first cacao plant; she arrived to us with 3 leaves on March 26, 2019. Since then Lin produced our first jorquette (stem split up into 5 branches signifying sexual maturity), first flower, first cocoa pod, and mother of first fully home-produced seedlings.

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